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More About Us

The families origin

Hello, my name is Jared. I grew up in New York City, mainly the Jamaica queens area . With that being said I’ve experienced lots of art, Everywhere I looked there was something new to inspire me. so many talented artists put their pieces on city walls. This motivated me to put my own art out there and to show off lost art in nyc. I aim to pay respect to all the art around this city and other artists.    

The name For The Family was made to represent my city. Growing up I’ve met so many unique people from plenty of different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. All the people I’ve encountered in my life that helped me out of the darkness, whether that be someone I’ve barely known who gave me some great advice or a close friend who I cherish. This city is the ultimate melting pot that shaped my perspective. I aim to express all the feelings I left bottled up for all those years and build something for people to connect and relate with, because only god knows I needed someone during my toughest times. I’ll express all those feelings soon through my art and more.

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